Family Law


It is a sad fact of life that some relationships breakdown. When that happens it is generally better for all concerned if disputes can be resolved informally without the need to have the Courts decide the outcome. Unfortunately however this is not always possible and sometimes litigation is unavoidable.

We can assist you in relation to property disputes in both the Federal Magistrates Court and Family Court as well as assisting you to attempt to reach a settlement at the earliest stages.

In recent years Australia has seen a growth in binding financial agreements which operate much like pre- nuptial agreements which have been well known in the United States for many years. Binding financial agreements can be prepared prior to marriage, during marriage and after marriage to reflect your mutual wishes and can effectively oust the jurisdiction of the Courts to determine your property settlement upon the breakdown of your marriage.

Like married couples we can also assist with defacto relationships and can prepare cohabitation agreements for defacto couples which operate in a similar fashion to binding financial agreements.

Often when a relationship breaks down where children are involved one or more parties may have obligations to pay child support. There are ways to do this tax effectively whilst making sure that the children do not miss out!

Our services include;


  • Divorce
  • Property disputes
  • Binding Financial agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Child maintenance agreements



Exceptional Service





Not all law firms are the same and dealing with lawyers does not have to be a nerve wracking or frustrating experience.

At Donlan Lawyers we are very approachable and readily accessible and we specialise in only a few specific areas of law. For this reason we are able to provide you with a focused hands on approach to your legal issues and we work with you towards achieving your desired outcomes.

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