Legal Proceedings after Death

Did you know that if you were a claimant in any legal action at the time of your death, that such action might survive for the benefit of your estate?  Similarly, if you were the subject of a claim against you, such action might survive your death and continue against...
4 February, 2020

Challenging a Will

It is often difficult for people to accept that it is possible for their will to be contested. There are a number of ways when this might occur, including if:   -The testamentary capacity of the will maker is questionable, for example where they may have been...
26 October, 2018
Probate and Letters of Administration: What Is It?

Probate and Letters of Administration: What Is It?

So you have been named as an executor of a Will. Among various other duties including arranging funerals and dealing with assets and debts, you may need to obtain a grant of probate.   Probate is, put simply, an order of the Supreme Court formally recognising the...
12 October, 2018